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In the midst of the chaos and lies,
I closed my eyes and hoped to die

My strength was gone and it felt like I had formed a bond with weakness

I tried to scream but what would that change?
No one cared enough to listen…

I battled with panic as tears rolled down my cheek.
I bit my lip so hard it started
to bleed


I fell into an open space and hoped the pain will cease as soon as I hit a surface

“Just breath” she whispered to me
“You are stronger than you know”

“You have not lost me and you never will”

“I have watched you try so hard and the fact that you never gave up after a fall made me so proud”

I opened my eyes to see who was speaking, It seemed as though I was starring at a mirror

Except she looked strong, bold, bright…
Her eyes were filled with tears but they were the most joyful things I’d ever seen

In her palms read ‘hardwork’ and they had the most promising success.

Positivity flew around her mind like a bird set free to soar the sky.

Her legs read further movement to far more comfortable places.

Her heart bled from disappointments and heartbreaks; still, there was enough love to give out of it.

With the softest tone she spoke: “I am all that you are, and more…”



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