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I promise your story is just like mine.

The glamour of a journey’s start

is never known until the end –

or maybe until an advanced future.

I believe that life’s bid is not our bid.

Our cause is undoubtedly to outwit it,

and at such, it is our biggest foe. Therefore these challenges will not cease.

Such is the story of this small seed

Think of a plant which flourishes,

even on the many mornings without water for its root.

There would be a long tale to tell of this adventure,

but it should rather be shortened for all our sakes.

I am a father,

and my dreams, like a helpless son,

has seen the worst days I saw.

I never can tell enough,

how much the road to success is filled with lonely nights

and struggles that seem to lead to no end.

It is indeed very hard to stay on

when everything that assures you is nothing and abstract –

belief, hope, a dream.

Yet I have seen how these things can birth a drive

that helps us build our dreams into tangible materials.

As time passed, I have drawn confidence

in that many things deemed impossible have been achieved.

Yet I am scared and drowned by the fact

that the days to come are not all rosy.

Like tiniest oak seed

had no hopes it would birth the largest tree,

I have little hope, yet I dive deeper into the soil.

I do this knowing somewhere in my heart,

that my strength is just enough.

And where it isn’t,

It will learn to grow.


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