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I watch as the rivers flow fast,

Like our love- a forever that didn’t last.

Sitting at the spot where we first kissed,

Thinking of golden moments we’ve missed.

I sit by the river bank but I thirst,

Held from sipping love by your nest.

It’s like living by the bank of the Nile,

But to get a drink trekking a mile.

Baby I remember…

You were my mirror on the wall,

I would whisper ‘hi pretty doll’.

You made me envied by sun light,

With you I shined so bright.

I held you for long dearly,

For you looked stunning yearly.


We had that stupid fight,

Things were no more alright.

It stole away the joy we had,

Left me feeling lonely and sad;

Because we ended up saying goodbye,

But I miss you already why lie?
© Darey


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