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At the voting age of eighteen 

I still felt more like a teen

The world needs a representative

But we end up feeling deceptive

Each time we cast a vote.

We all certainly can’t be masters

Nor can we all be good leaders

Yet we must be encouraged to follow

Slow, fast, not shallow or narrow

After we cast a vote.


The desire is to simply make a change

Each time our attitude seems strange

We are the same that complain

Yet the same leaders we retain

When we cast a vote.

Now there’s need to modify the plan

But I cry and pity my ancestral clan

Everywhere I see, exist much cabals

And those that follow are seen as animals

Who still will cast a vote.


We may all lack common sense

But it’s time to reminiscence

If we’re not in need, we all can shut up!

Not minding the issues that popped top

And go ahead and vote.


If  the same government returns

With more rodents or pythons

Loosing every form of prudence

Without the least noted credence

It was we that cast that vote.

Who’s lying? Who here is right?

We all feel the same bite

Neck deep, participants in corruption

A land with no respect for education

Yet we queue to vote.

The stench of poor health abound

No basic amenities, I resound!

Job creation is pure fiction

Now safety and security is diction

Go on, cast that vote.


See, there’s no regard for your qualification

Proper policies experience demolition

The law is blinded by religion and ethnicity

Induced and authorized by propensity

To make us all again to vote.


Soon, will be another elections

And we’ll all be pretentious

Of who again should be President

Or rule in our state resident

While we’re blindfolded  to vote.

Will you arise to vote for democracy?

Or this time it’ll be for Isocracy?

Maybe they’ll initiate Plutocracy

And lead us all to idiosyncrasy

After we cast a vote.


This rubbish now must stop

Start from my local area on the dot

Nigeria needs you to sanitize

Unite and stop to criticize

Rethink, if you must cast that vote.







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