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Pray for us.

The peace we had didn’t last,

War now plays the cast.

A child has lost her father,

The casket in sight bears mother.


Pray for us.

All we see from the plateau,

Are corpses cut in two.

Rivulets of blood like the Red sea,

Dead men enticing swarming fleas.


Pray for us.

Insurgency is at its peak,

The future of the poor is bleak.

Now money is the only honey,

Power the only tower.


Pray for us.

The rich run to foreign lands for asylum,

But we lack money to buy our freedom.

Peasant fathers have become childless,

An innocent poor child left homeless.


Pray for us.

Succour we seek from above,

Show us a little love.

Jos town is desolate,

But help is never too late.


© Darey


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  1. Ifeanyi
    September 25, 2017

    We really need the prayers for this country.

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