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Merry hearts, smiling faces

Earth beams, the sky rejoices

Ravens bring plenty as to Elijah

Risen Christ our redeemer

Years ago was born

Christ the reason

Here comes his season

Released us from sin’s strife

In his death gave us life

So meek in all fronts

Truly humble was his birth

Merry laughter filled with mirth

Ages gone but still we celebrate

Simple Jesus shaping our fate

Arrayed with beauty

None compares in glory

Does  extend mercy

High up above

Across every grove

Purity personified

Pools of love defined

Yearns for our eternal joy

Now seated on heaven’s right

Erases darkness, he’s the light

Wet dews of love he showers

Yes we honour him

Eternal light, he’s the beam

Arranged the world with words

Risen Christ our debt affords

Compiled by Darey©


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  1. Kreestopha
    December 23, 2016

    Nice one… Darey

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