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I remember how we met; it was the most uncomfortable situation, I was lost in negative thoughts, I didn’t even realise anyone was around me. As far as I was concerned, the world was sitting on my shouders and the ache was not something I wanted to bear then you gave me a pat on my shoulder and said: “hang in there…”


I would walk aimlessly along the road; drunk with the feeling of regret, life had a way of making me forget that everything that happened was for a reason. What reason exactly?! I never understood anything I just knew nothing came out right but you’d show up from nowhere and say: “hang in there…”

All those times we were down at the same time, almost like we were in a tunnel; so dark and cold with no thoughts of hope and fear made me almost want to give up but you managed to see a little light ahead and you turned to me and said: “hang in there…”

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I remember seeing you cry for the first time; I was so scared, I was not sure of what to do at the moment, I was so hurt and did not even notice my own tears but you cleaned them and with a cheerful smile you said: “hang in there…”

There are times I feel a bit at peace with myself even with the troubles that surround me; not because I have the right distractions, not that I know how to solve them or anything but I’m  certain that if you are here, all you’d want me to do is: “hang in there…”


For Evi.


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