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continued from last week…

“Before you ever take an action, think hard about its repercussion. Unless you just might unleash a slippery slope on yourself”

At this moment, mother’s advice made all the sense in the world. But all the sense in the world would not save her from this mess. This mess was as colossal as they come. She had moonwalked straight into the quicksand of disaster. There was no going back from this.

She had to find a way to make this work.

“A huge problem” she continued, distress entwined itself with her words.

“Hmm,” excitement seeped out of his voice and worry immediately replaced it “What is it?”

She crossed the expanse of the living room, entered the kitchen and stealthily shut the door behind her before she spoke again.

“I’m pregnant Ade.”


One second, two seconds..ten seconds.

More static.


“Whose is it?” he spoke finally, a hint of anger taking root in his voice.

“I don’t know.”

“Wait. You don’t know? So why then did you call me?” his rage was growing by the second.

“Ade, calm down. Please. I only thought we could come up with a solution. Together.”

“Solution. Together.” he mimicked her voice in the most disdainful manner.

Refusing to believe what was happening, she sat down on the freezing kitchen floor, “What is wrong with you?”

“I should be asking you that. I’m not the one who was sleeping with two men at once”

“But he’s my husband.”

“You should have thought of that before you jumped in the sack with me. Who is to say that’s my kid? For all we know, that baby is his. I will not be blackmailed into fathering a bastard!” his rage had fully blossomed.

“Please,” she was half sobbing now “Please Ade, we can figure this out. Let’s just…”

“Let’s just nothing. You hear me? Nothing! You know what? Delete my number. Never in your life, call this number. Ever!!”


She was interrupted by the ‘click’ of the phone hanging up. She dialed the number again.


She tried it one more time. Nothing. Then she realized it was over. She was alone. Placing her face in her palms, she trembled as she began to sob, silently.

To be continued next week…


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