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“Every day, you will make a life changing decision. Whether you know it, or not.”

Mother would always tell her. She always thought mother was reaching. No one made life changing decisions everyday, you would definitely know if a decision would change the course of your life.

She understood what mother meant now and wished she did earlier.

She gagged, again. Overwhelmed by a nauseous feeling that felt straight from hell. She lurched forward from the force, as the remaining contents of her stomach exited her mouth, into the toilet bowl. She heaved a sigh and ran her hands through her cornrows, exhausted.

She flushed the toilet and walked over to the porcelain sink on the right. Opening the tap, she cupped her palms and scooped some water into her mouth, gargled and spat it out. She repeated the activity again and closed the tap.

Feeling woozy, she crouched and then sat down on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, resignedly. She was definitely pregnant.

Her heart began thumping faster in realization. Curling into a ball, she started to feel sick all over again. But this time, it wasn’t because of the baby. Her mistakes had started to manifest. In the flesh.

She remained in that position for another five minutes and unable to find a solution to her problem, she struggled to stand up. A wave of dizziness caused her to sway a little and she had to lean against the wall to steady herself.

She exited the bathroom of the master bedroom. Shutting the door quietly behind her, she stared blankly at the bed where Somto slept soundly. Her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach.

What have I done?

Her husband stirred and opened his eyes. She quickly straightened up and plastered a smile on her doleful face.

“Good morning babe.” he gave a warm smile and stretched out a beckoning hand.

“Good morning.” she smiled and went to him. He tugged her down toward the bed and caught her in a snuggle.

She almost forgot all her worries as she relaxed in his embrace. He kissed her forehead, while she listened to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. In that affectionate minute, everything was okay.

He was her home.

But there was trouble in paradise.

“‘Let me make you breakfast.” she interrupted the moment, rising from bed.

“One more minute, please.”

“You know I have errands to run today babe,” she bent down and planted a kiss on his cheek. Beaming at him, she reassured. “We’ll continue this some other time.”

“Okay. I love you.”

She thought her heart couldn’t sink any lower. But it did. “I love you too.”

She felt a lump rise up in her throat and she swallowed hard, fighting back tears that threatened to spill.

She took her cellphone from the bedside table and hurried out of the room. And as she did, the tears fell freely down her cheeks. Her mother was right, she may have ruined her life without even knowing.

Unlocking her phone, she tapped the screen, searching for a number. She found it, dialed the number and raised the phone to her ear, listening impatiently to the dial tone.

“Hello.” A cheerful baritone sounded from the other end of the line.

“We have a problem.”

To be continued next week