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My first day at my PPA

I was posted to a school to teach in one of the most rural areas I’ve ever seen.

But this story is not about my place of primary assignment but about my experience on my way there.


So, I board a bus going to that village, sit down and wait for other passengers to board so we can move. Another guy enters and sits beside me, of course this is normal… but I what I don’t know is this guy is abnormal.

So the bus moves, en-route my PPA. I’m jamming to my favorite song-All time low by Jon Bellion -and nodding like a lizard.


Ok the thing about Lagos yellow buses you might not know is that you’re basically going to be sandwiched for the duration of the journey, therefore it means nothing that someone is touching me because everyone is touching everyone .

I’m still jamming to the song and then I feel a hand on my right thigh. I freeze, literally. I look to my right, the dude was looking to his right too like nothing happened.


‘Must be a mistake ‘ I tell myself. I keep nodding to my song. I feel the hand again and this time it moves, or should I say it ‘caresses’. I’m not joking. I turn to see the most perverse set of eyes looking at me. I assume it’s still a mistake so I tell him ‘You’re touching me’. This time I can’t focus on my song so I start praying, no jokes.

Five minutes later, nothing happens. Phew!  that’s over. I finish praying and start jamming again when I feel the hand. Oh that hand!!!  Now it is running up and down my arm like it has a right to!  I freeze and turn a full 90 degrees. I stare at him and I raise my voice ‘If you touch me again’!!!

I know you expect something else from this story but the truth is I didn’t want to cause any kind of commotion.


I’m too quiet for my own good and I don’t understand Yoruba (the dude may just say I was the one touching him and the tables will turn)

So, I keep my cool and my bag between us till I get to my destination. I smelled like ‘pervert’ all day long.

Moral lesson : Make money, buy a car.


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