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Your life begins one day,
It doesn’t matter if you have lived a few decades before
Your life, gets its essence one day.


It may be the first time you saw snow fall
The first time you see an angel glide across the snow
Like in the love stories.


It may be the first time you see the earth coated with blood
The reddening of white sand with hot, congealed blood
Like in the Horror movies.

It may be the day you cheat death
Escaping its cold, life- sucking clutches
Just by a whisker.

It may be the day you shed the feathers of the Ugly Duckling
The day you become a beautiful swan
The most beautiful bird of all.


It may be the day love fails you
And you realize all that glitters ain’t gold
And you realize that u won’t always get everything on a golden platter
And you realize that there are two sides to a coin
And you realize that happiness is volatile
And you realize that sorrow exists alongside joy
And pain abounds alongside comfort


Your life definitely begins one day,
For how would a life end if it never began?


Poet_Femi (ig:@poet_femi)


Femi Gabriels Written by:

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