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Christians let’s talk…what have we become? What are we fighting against? Are we still striving to be Christ-like or we are just a set of cynical fools? Who fights the church more than Christians? Division in all forms like we are not parts of one body; Pentecostals fighting Catholics, Catholics fighting Anglicans, Pastors struggling to show who has greater power, Christians rejoicing over the downfall of another church. Oh! How well we build our branch rather than God’s love.

Let’s talk Christians about the struggle for affirmation of “the best church”. I will tell you that I am a Christian and you’d ask “what church do you attend”, now this wouldn’t be a wrong question if it wasn’t asked for my reply to be used as the measure of my faith in God and commitment to His word. Then we begin to promote our church by preaching about; prosperity, miracles and God’s promises leaving out repentance from sin thereby promoting abuse of His mercy, we just do everything possible to convert a Christian to “Christianity”. Remember, there are different ways of serving and different abilities to perform service but from the same God. Do we pray in the name of our church leaders or in the name of God? In whose name do we cast out demons; In the name of ‘whom Paul preaches’ or in the name of God that our faith should be built on?. Let’s talk Christians why not build my faith and strength in God that reigns supreme than in the name of your church/church leader and the miracles he has done? Is that your faith?…

Christians let’s talk, to whom has all the power/gifts of the Holy Spirit been given? There are different kinds of spiritual gifts given by the same Spirit; there’s that of wisdom filled message given to one person while another is granted a message full of knowledge, faith to one while another the power to heal. To one the power to work miracles is given while to another the gift of discernibility of true gifts from those falsified is given. Oh to one the ability to speak in strange tongues and another He gives the ability to interpret this message. To all He uses different ways to show His presence but all comes from the same Spirit and for our own good. If then these gifts come from one source, why do  we limit His presence to the manifestation of just one gift? I have been told “if you can’t speak in tongues, you do not have the Holy Spirit in you” I have heard supposed teachers ask their members to repeat the words they say…tell me, if we all speak in strange languages have we impacted knowledge on ourselves? How then would our faith be built? If we all performed miracles, to whom shall the miracles be performed on and to whom shall the wonders of God be shown? If we all healed the sick, of what value will this gift be to us then and how would we distinguish between fake prophets and the true ones? If we all learn to repeat the words of those who have been adorned with the gift of speaking in strange tongues then of what use is the gift of discernibility? Without those given the gift of a wisdom filled message or that filled with knowledge, how then will our paths as Christians be directed? If every part brings something different to the church, why then do we use just one as proof of His presence?… Recall that without the gift of interpretation, we won’t understand what has been spoken in strange tongue? Without faith, knowledge and wisdom, how then do we receive these gifts? How do we learn to appreciate and use them rightly? Tell me what gift is superior and what gift is worth less? Christians talk once more, can this question be answered? If yes, then of what Spirit did that which we say is worth less come? Of course, if it comes from the same Sprit as that which we tag “superior”, then I’d say it must be tagged same for definitely the Spirit is not one that discriminates instead we must treat such gift with care for possibly they could be the rarest of all the gifts manifested.

Christians let’s talk once more… how did we allow division to come from that which ought to bring us together by making us dependent on one another? Remember before the gifts were manifested in the upper room, the constant words of Jesus when He visited were “Peace be with you”… Yet we use the gifts which should have strengthened this peace to bring disunity because we have set our hearts on striving to acquire these gifts to show off rather than striving for that which it should foster, which is also the greatest; “Love”.

For the last time Christians let’s talk, is there still love amongst us? If love is not jealous, conceited or proud, why then do we fight for superiority among ourselves? If love is not ill-mannered, selfish or irritable, why then do we preach “our church” or type of “service” out of selfishness, why also do we give only because we have been told that more would come to us and why does chaos exist among us? If love does not keep record of wrongs, why then do we doubt that a person truly manifests the gift of the Holy Spirit just because we have seen them do wrong things in the past? if love is not happy with evil, why do we rejoice over the downfall of another church and capitalize on it? Are we not supposed to be parts of one body after-all? We might have different spiritual gifts, different ways of serving and different abilities to perform services to God but in truth, it comes from one Spirit, it is one Christ that died for us and definitely one God that we give the glory to. Hence, we are given one name “Christians” and should be united by one love; that which is the greatest, eternal and should be striven for. We are nothing but “Religious”, “hypocrites” and “cynical fools” without this love even when we manifest all the Spirit given gifts’

Once more “people” let’s talk, can we still be called Christians? Why do we fight ourselves and the church? the love? Do we still strive for it? Can we strive for it? Oh and let its fire blaze within us that once more it might rekindle, that our peace might enkindle and we become worthy to be called Christians… yes! Christians let’s talk.


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  1. christabel
    June 11, 2017

    Beautiful words, these days we practice religion not christianity that’s why there’s division amongst us

  2. Jojo
    June 11, 2017

    Nice. Splendid line of thought. God bless you.

  3. Okohvic
    June 11, 2017

    Well written. Yes Christians need to be united in love in order to fulfill God’s Will for His church.(“I pray that they should be one”).

  4. July 27, 2017

    I never knew you had same thoughts as I. Well written dear. I hope you pass on the thought beyond this platform. More people need to be re-educated. It’s time for us to unlearn so we can relearn.

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