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If u hold it so tight to your bosom
That no one can wrestle its love from your heart
If you clutch it so tightly it hurts
And crave it more than life itself
If it’s your belief, does that make it right?


If it is your worst nightmare
Ever sending cold shivers down your spine
If it makes your palms sweaty and your feet wobbly
If it causes your eyes to dilate and gives you the jitters
If it scares you to death, does that make it horrible?

If it was love at first hiccup
One of those transparent things that need no evidence
Needing no compatibility nor integrity test
If you feel the butterflies in your belly
And your thoughts, constantly filled with this love
And it has a promise of forever
Does that make it true?


If your performance always is below par
And your attempts woeful back to back
And midas’ s touch seems to evade you
And you can’t seem to get it right in the least
And hope is a luxury you can’t afford anymore
And you will rather be content with defeat
Does that make you a failure?

If the flower seems to have withered, unwatered
And the river seems to be drying
And love seems to be depleted
And the laughing faces now do nothing but cry
And you can now hear a pin drop on the once busy streets
And you can already see the angels gesturing you towards heaven’s gates
And your soul seems to be slipping out of your body
Does that make it The End?


Does That Make It?

Poet_Femi (ig:poet_femi)


Femi Gabriels Written by:

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