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The black woman is not stupid

Men explore corruption limpid

Heads stray in pleasure filled rooms

Not caring the impending dooms.

The farm yields no crops

Streets stare into empty shops

The children with tired looks

Yawn sickly opening tattered books

And I stretch feeling tough

This vote is enough!

 Vote for nobody, nobody tell the truth

My hubby was kidnapped

In the quiet while I napped

On the line his voice was dead

While threatened by kids he led.

There he saw another inmate

Without ransom, he was filled with hate

He’s been bleeding about to faint

With tortured wounds, he sounds like a saint

Murmuring safely he’ll sigh,

Enough of this vote else I’ll die.

Charlie boy in despair screamed

After all the measures we dreamed

‘Our mumu don do!!!’

The time for liberation is due.

It’s not about east and north

Nor hatred in the west and south

Our leaders steal in immunity

We’re deprived to question with impunity

Then later we’re forced to choose

Where our votes are simply let loose.

Corrupt political practices

Will I ever really vote again?

With no morsel of food nor grain?

Cash in hand is worthless

Hard work seems quite pointless

Education has lost the success key

What avenue is left to see?

Tomorrow they’ll all stand to campaign

All political powers, they’ll regain

And I will queue to vote again?

This drama could cease in pain.

Just vote again but for what?

To be ignored thereafter, for that?

Supporting all the lies they spit

Dashing hopes and crushing courage a bit.

Backup negligence and poor management

Stand for hunger and mere policy stalement.

We’ll be all out for full recession

They’ll implement the odds in precision

Our efforts to be revived will drain

If ever we turn out to vote again.



Sokari, Hellen  Ariniatorudikieke


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