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I was pretty

Even Father said so

He always said I looked like my mother

That I was like a flower;


I had the best Father

He took me for treats,

Even mother was jealous of our bond.

My mother was pretty too

But he said she was like a spoilt toy,

Damaged, broken,

She didn’t play much

Mother died when I was 8

Father said he missed her everyday

And that I looked like her

He said I could help two of us,

We needed to move on.

I started sleeping in his room

Father used to touch me

He said it would make me more pretty,

I would be a woman

Like my mother

But a better stronger version,

I loved my father

And he loved me

So I helped him forget Mother.

Now, three abortions later,

I’m staring at the mirror

Emptiness stares back at me

A containment of sin

An abomination

I hate myself

With all of my being,

I hate father.


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  1. September 15, 2017

    What’s even sadder than this piece is the fact that it happens in real life

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