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Perfection, being without flaw, faultless. There is only one perfector on earth, yet it is dependent -can hardly even move on its own.
It could warm the heart of a sadist with just the curve of it’s lips in an attempt to smile and when it laughs, the sound just goes beyond your heart and touches you in all the right places, it gives you hope and just like music brings peace and makes you appreciate nature.
You marvel at how much it trusts people with its fragile self well after it hypnotises you with those two small balls, wide open, fixating at you and  giving you that puppy-doggy look how can you be anything but careful?. Crying  is its only way of complaining, cries when hungry, when it feels dirty, when its in pain, when it feels ignored but do you know why it is perfect even with all  this? It forgives, it never holds a grudge, the moment the pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction is tended to it gives you that warming smile and trusts you again.
It lives freely, sleeps though at the wrong time but without fear, taking each breath gently, you could stand there all day and watch this breathtakingly beautiful creature sleep, just the view could give you every reason to guard it’s guardian angel.

There is nothing more beautiful than a happy baby, Its the purest being on earth. We all had our perfect time but then life happened and we let our experiences and mistakes and those of other people change us but you know? its there, deep down it is.
Hold on to your inner baby, it’s your perfect side.


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  1. jenny
    March 31, 2016

    Awesome work

  2. March 31, 2016

    wat a captivating piece. rly nice.

  3. Darlington
    March 31, 2016

    Awesome piece, absolutely Flawlesss. Love the way you play with words. Thumbs up girl 👍👍

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