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You, who were wrought from a single rib
defying reason and logic
cementing your place as the cornerstone of life
You, a rib that became the indispensable carrier of life.

You, with lesser bones than a Man
your disposition pervaded with fragility
your hides are softer than leather
but your resolution is rock-solid
the tenderness you exude, 
be-lying the strength within.

You who add flavor to a bland earth
your diverse beauties lighten up the dark
with your advent, our cravings for the moonlight waned
your mien refreshes our soul.

You, who bears all with heads raised high
some people go about eulogising great warriors and radicals
but I write now, encomiums for you and your kind
who bear the monstrous pains of childbirth
you sacrifice the greatest to populate this world
cheerfully and willingly housing another earthling
even with the memory of the pains of a previous accouchement
torturing your mind.

You who love for real
sifting through admiration and distractions
holding one at heart, with unbendable will
walking his path with him in close proximity
bearing his touch and his flag
persevering through the pains and trials
and even though you lose out more frequently than you gain.
You never stop dealing the currency of love genuine.
To you, Woman of Pride and Dignity.

I Doff My Hat.
For The Woman Race, Or what is left of its originality



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