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When the ‘first’ came along
I thought ‘this cannot be wrong’
I vowed to give in my all
Of course I never expected us to fall
Then came misunderstandings and distrust
Somehow we failed to protect our steel from the rust.

Secondly came a ‘gentleman’
At least that was what I thought at the instant
He never missed a day to call me ‘sweet’
and always just wanted to give me a treat
But he was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing
He left me wounded and loathing.

With a ‘song’ came the third one
He sang with what I’d call a special tone
Together we tried to make our fire burn
Although it seemed like we offered love turn by turn
Exhausted from that pattern, I had an ‘affair’
Had I known that I would be left with so much despair.

I would call the fourth a ‘lover boy’
Intensively, he knew love wasn’t a mere toy
We grew attached and had a connection
I could have sworn that he had a pure intention
But then, his uncontrollable passion for ‘abuse’
made me wonder if love was of any use

Unreasonably, I thought of a fifth
Disregarding the fact that I was a total filth
Along my thoughts I met ‘myself’
Then, I realized it was important to love oneself
To be happy and love easily; is a gradual process
so right now I’m a ‘happily ever after in progress’


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