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I wonder what will be, if the sun kisses the moon
A celestial beauty or a smothering carnage?
Will death meet the living or will flowers still bloom?
Will I be writing from the afterlife or the comfort of my room.


I wonder what will be, if the earth loses the cloud
Will we be at the mercy of the sun or just a little warmer
Will the moon become a terror or be, to us, a shroud
Will it start a ragnorok or just make the heavens clearer


I wonder what will be, if my pen loses its glory
Will the papers be receptive or, my ink, will they decline
Will my works be more of colour or a sight, that’s all so gory
Will my name slide into oblivion or etched in the sands of time.


I wonder what will be, if, by chance, I lose you
Will the sun move to kiss the moon?
Will the earth be separated from the cloud? Or
Will my pen be lost in history?
Oh! I wonder what will be.


O. O. Nathan Written by:

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  1. racheltobe
    March 7, 2017

    I wonder

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