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With wars brewing

and earth warming up to host the Armageddon,

With hearts running cold and affection embracing fiction,

With this glory I see handed to our differences,

While the values we share lurk in the shadows,

With religious doctrines tearing down the oneness of faith,

And the trueness of God,

With this and that of sexual orientations,

Color and gender and other creations of man,

Tearing down the single Creation truth – humanity,

Our unions disintegrating piece by piece.

With countries wishing to divide earth,

Each one trying to carve their own shells,

With unions disintegrating

At person, ethnic, state, country and world levels,


With everyone seeking an exit, wishing for an easy way out,

Where we can quit the longstanding search for common grounds,

With insecurities eating through our shields,

Creeping in our homes as lovers and as nations,

With Vows forming as words and pledges losing their strength,

With nature turning on us and we on ourselves,

In a world where truth is a farce, this remains true:

That red is the color of the heart and the blood that it pumps.

So red is the symbol of love,

And this love, like the heart, could be at the center of life.

But without us to interpret the love it holds,

Red is the stop sign and the color of danger,

And this too can be at the center of our life.

If we let the things that bind us collapse,

The big pile of beautiful debris form walls.

So while we bask in the illusion of the day,

The dauntless ones dare to ask the daunting question:

With the way that we are and are keen on becoming,

Is love still enough?

Video: Is Love Still Enough?


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