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She was a girl, a girl turned magic. Yes magic as she harbored life within her, nurtured it, let it control her sometimes and gave way for it to make its own life journey when the time was due… Bearing 57del (units) of pain way above the human threshold at 45del (unit). 

She is a girl, a girl grown into ‘womanhood’ by the instinct to give love to hers. She’s programmed by nature to nuture and provide..From the colostrum suckled from her breast in response to the first cry to the look of affirmation that says ‘you’re not alone’ that she gives when she looks into your eyes and sees that all is not right. Yes she’d scold at you to mold you to ‘perfection’ just like mother nature sends the storm at the appropriate time but a tsunami is nothing compared to what a person who tries to ride on you in her presence would experience. She’s sick when you are and shares in everyone’s cross; She’s selfless, ‘hers becomes her self’. 

She would always be a girl, a girl at heart…soft and strong, patient and overbearing sometimes… She gets cranky and sometimes is an attention seeker, wants you to call her beautiful, call her the best cook and sing her praises sometimes so that she can smile sheepishly in response or blush secretly so you don’t see how much it means to her and enter a ‘manipulative streak’. 

She was a girl turned magic, she is a girl grown into womanhood, she would always be a girl at heart. She’s a mother, a queen by nature. She’s nature’s rare gem and a gift to our world.

Happy Mothering Sunday


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