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Full of excitement and eagerness she waited for her turn to give the audience some action. In her heart she prayed that she would win their hearts the way she had won the hearts of everyone that had seen her display of talent.

Finally the time came and she moved in, with the lights on her and the audience eager to know what the scene was about she began. She gave them reality not a made up scene; her expressions made her role come to light, she moved naturally using her hands and every part of her to send her message. She made her character alive and transparent that you could almost tell what she was thinking, she made us see through her expression when she wanted to and wonder what was coming next when she wanted to… she was in control of the stage that you could tell that was where she belonged.

Deep down my young thespian was scared, trying to figure out if the crowd loved her and trying to focus on her role at the same time was most difficult. She wondered if she had won any hearts with her doing things the natural way she knew or if she needed to add more force and that was when she gave in and focused more on the crowd. She heard someone call out a name that described her role perfectly but had taken over and made her lose it, she felt the crowd thought she was overdoing it but what she didn’t know was that they loved her. She thought she hadn’t won any hearts but she was yet to find out that the road to their heart was a path she naturally followed with her talent, she had won the crowd that they couldn’t tell that there was fear in her until she gave in to the fear completely, they elt she was so good that there was no fear and thought it was a twist in the drama at first but my thespian was so scared she was literally shaking.

The audience cheered on and screamed her name, they wanted more of her action, they wanted her to control the stage her way and to give them something to relate to the way she did naturally. Like every great being determined never to be deterred by fear, she bounced back in a heartbeat, now more confident and eager to show her fans that fearless part of her and appreciate them for loving what made her the happiest being, she swung into character and gave them more. Every speech, movement and action from her seemed like they’d been made out of real life’s experience, it seemed like “Labake” was a person who had experienced every stage of life up to the age her character was portrayed and that these experience made her who she was. My thespian had become her character in my eyes that deep down I wondered how she made it so real and how I would never judge her real emotions based on her actions and expressions because she could fit in perfectly into any role she wanted. She made the drama a reality.

The lights went out and the crowd cheered on, they screamed her name, I was determined to scream the loudest to let them know she is my thespian and let her know I was proud of her but deep down I knew what was on her mind, she felt she had failed those who believed in her by letting the fear in though she knew they loved her. She thought of her next chance to give them herself completely and without fear and how she would create a new being in a day… she knew the time would come.

That’s her humble beginning, the humble beginning of my favourite thespian, my thespian sister.


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  1. Onyinye Izundu
    May 27, 2017


  2. Godson
    May 27, 2017

    My baby.. *kisses*

  3. Cynthia Ameh
    May 27, 2017


  4. Okohvic
    May 30, 2017

    A beautiful piece.I imagine the thrilling performance of the character in “MY THESPIAN”.I must say i love this piece

  5. Mudia
    May 31, 2017

    I love the fact that your talents grow day by day…….don’t stop being you….. Because you inspire

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