Okrika is Pride Land

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Okrika is pride land

A land of promise.

Here people tread on blessed Sand

And tourist never a shot miss.

In this plain where eagles rest

And children feed well on mothers breast

Neighbours don’t even for once

In times of peace or war

Rest from thoughts to pounce

On free land dressed to lure.

This island of massive safety

A home that survive on love

Where kings stroll in royalty

And honour derived from where they strove.

When even the heads of the strong bow

In respect and regard to the great

Though warriors from every angle prow

To defend on purpose and create

An aura of joy required but not predicted

A cave of mastery content not reverted.

Okrika my land of choice

The home of chosen saints

Separated for poise

Without visible constraints.

Our fathers never die

And our mothers never sleep

They uphold the customs & firmly retie

The nuts that refrain us to slip.

To be born free to Okrika

Your hands must be pure

As expressed by the seeker

The lands only exist to cure.

We are still here standing tall and strong

With many that despise our worth

For every reason, they state us wrong

Their claims only stir God’s wrath.

Okrika, that’s my home town

Friend, from whence did you evolve?

I adore the Iwo family totem

And all the parent nine tribes

Within still emerge the best of scribes

Our differences we quickly resolve.

We live,  we live on and never die

We defend the cause of our tribe

Even when beneath the earth we lie

At home in Okrika, souls stroll free with pride.

Sokari Hellen Ariniatorudikieke


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  1. Dr.Mrs.Opunne T.Amie-Ogan
    October 14, 2017

    Oh!Oh!!Oh!!! Okrika is indeed our fatherland.
    Thank you for the thought provoking piece. I wore a reminiscent smile,reading through lovely piece.

  2. Dr.Mrs.Opunne T.Amie-Ogan
    October 14, 2017

    Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!Okrika is indeed our fatherland.
    Thank you for that thought provoking piece.
    I wore a reminiscent smile, reading through
    the lovely piece.

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