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​I was very much unsettled, in fact I have been this way for more than three weeks now, and even if i never accepted the truth, i noticed it was taken a better part of me; I was getting slimmer as days went by. I saw him in my dreams, I saw him when I walked to class and to everywhere I went. I started to become scared and I felt I was going insane, especially now that I felt trouble was lurking somewhere. But the astonishing thing was that I couldn’t tell anyone about it. I remembered his words to me that very night, “If at all you tell anyone about this, you and everyone in your family will die.” After that night, it was like those words were on playback in my head, and I couldn’t think of anything other than those devilish threats. Those threats that made me give out all my money to him, those same words made me a liar, and I had begun asking for money from my parents more than four times in a month. He had assured me that whatever I told anyone, they would believe me, and indeed it was working. Whatever I told daddy I wanted, he sent immediately, same as mummy and Uncle Joe, and at a point I felt like I should never stop asking, but the bad thing was that everything I got, I gave to them.

After a month, I started to feel I was very much far from who I used to be. Everyone complained I was getting dark and slim, some said I had become hostile and strange to them, but what do they know? In my world I was the most intelligent. And although I knew how right they were, the truth was that I was lost in fear, and I just couldn’t find anyone to confide in, and especially after the warnings. 

I was still giving this very strange man money and I wasn’t even feeling like I was doing anything stupid. Some days he would call about eight times just to remind me of why I shouldn’t be stupid enough to spill out my pain. Other times it was more, and I even had to leave class or my room in some occasions to answer his calls in private, just so no one mistakenly hears our conversation. And when anyone gets suspicious about my funny attitudes, I would suddenly turn into a beast and shush the fellow, or sometimes shout at the person to mind his business. It was unlike me, but I just had to do it, guess at that time it felt like the right thing to do, and also normal.

It took another month before my senses were gradually returning to me, and I decided to look for help, something and anything that would free me from the bondage I felt I was in. It was more like a child tale, I knew I was in a big problem, but how to come out of it was one great stone I didn’t know how to lift off my shoulders. I resumed church and would stay back after everyone had left. Why I stayed back was certainly was one thing I most times found very difficult to explain. Days after I had started my church romance, I began pleading stylishly with God for his help and guidance. I repeatedly asked him to send a helper, and at the same time I started to get scared. I began to think if I told God my problem I would die; and so it took about two weeks before I spoke out my worries to God. Am sure he already knew, after all he is all knowing, but it seemed I would be found guilty if I said it with my own mouth. I was so helpless and hopeless. I was so dead inside that I most times would unconsciously post things about death on my facebook page. I forgot how it felt to be alive; I forgot how it felt to be a human.

Then my miracle came on this very blessed Tuesday morning. We had just finished church service and I was going to have another session of sitting back but refusing to talk to my creator. As I sat looking at the altar where most people have claimed their miracles came from, I started to cry quietly, and I started to talk inside my heart. Not sure if God was hearing, then I started murmuring. I spoke heavily and I was sweating profusely, but all I wanted to do was beg God to lift the burden from me. It wasn’t up to five minutes i had begun my small talks when my ring tone broke the silence that wrapped the church hall. Looking at my watch, I knew exactly who was calling, and the thought of him made my mind race, and my heart started to race. I was very confused, didn’t know if I should leave God and go reply someone who said he could kill me and my whole family. Or I should just forget him and stick to my God, who I was learning to trust and also submit my life to.

After I weighed the options, something took me up and I grudgingly strolled to get the phone. Then i picked it. For the first time since we started conversing he heard my voice, and then cut the call. For fear of lack of airtime on his side, I decided to call back; I didn’t want to give any chance to make reality his threats. The phone rang and he didn’t pick up. It was so strange; this was because ordinarily he picks my call before it even got the chance to ring. After several other trials, he finally picked up, and made the most shocking statement I’ve heard in my life. He said “abeg pls… we have decided to free you, don’t call again please, we are sorry.”

He had dropped the call before I said anything fast. I was so surprised and I started to smile, i knew that something bigger had taken control. Just as I packed my bag to leave, I looked at the altar, smiled and said “Thank You Lord”

Compiled by Etoh Collins


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  1. Choomy
    February 13, 2017

    Nice one Etoh!… Indeed! God answer prayers.

    February 13, 2017

    Yes ooo. God really answers prayer..

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