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Pain, one thing that everyone can relate to. We all hurt, could have been in the past, could be in the present but everyone breathing can relate to this.

It is in it that we learn our life lessons. Sometimes the sadness that comes with it is overwhelming, it reaches deep down that all we can do to stand is to reach that deep to seek for strength that could match it, but then what if all we could reach is weakness? Where do we find the strength to move on? how do we put on the fake smile that keeps the world from getting to know our vulnerability? We owe the world their peace and ourselves our problems, don’t we? So put on a fake smile even though deep down you are in shreds. Why disturb the world? Hurt but never show the world, even if the world is made up of people and each of them have felt pain. They forget those times when they wish they could hold on to a ‘little’ hope. They forget once they move past it and refuse to understand that each of us get there at different time.

I know the pain, probably not your pain but I know pain. I’d never claim to understand your pain, I never understand mine but I can relate to that moment of overwhelming sadness where your mind becomes blind with too much information, your thoughts takes you deeper into the alley of sadness and you just sit there shivering from pain, strangled by it and almost out of breath. All you want to do is scream but you know you have to keep it all in so you sit there numb from pain, staring into space and wishing you were anyone else but yourself.

 You could feel yourself crumbling alone and the world moving on, but go on and crumble, go on and let it strangle you, feel numb from it and see the weakness of pain that would show you your strength. Let the pain take you to the peak, get to that threshold honey! Till there is nothing beyond, scream if you must, cry if you must, let the pain take control, feel it, do not try to escape from it by causing physical pain to yourself or aid it by harming yourself, instead let yourself feel everything it has. Let it take over till it can’t take you further and all you feel is emptiness.

 You feel empty, emptiness that needs to be filled, emptiness that was created by your strength and the inability of pain to take your last breathe. You may not know where to start or what move to take next but you know that pain is powerless and you can always bounce back. Walk blind and empty for days if you must but remember you have a new start and emptiness to fill. So take a deep breathe, take two deep breathes to celebrate your victory, tell yourself “wow! So it couldn’t kill me?!” then take a long and hot shower, look into the mirror and smile and thank pain for showing you that the control to your life comes from you and also for making you understand that it only comes to give you a chance for a new start, to do things differently and to let go of the past. 

Pain has taught you, it has shown you your strength. Use it, be determined, and match your fears and whatever obstacle comes with your renewed strength. Make pain your friend and feel it whenever it comes, let it bring out a new you. Let it show you that you are limitless. Feel the pain, see the gain, watch yourself be extraordinary and watch the ordinary wonder when your smile is no longer false.

This is for you, for me and for everyone living, for pain is inevitable in life.


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  1. Godson
    November 20, 2016

    This resonates deeply within me. Aptly written dear

  2. PrimeR
    November 20, 2016

    Nice piece. Would love to see more

    • November 24, 2016

      You sure will👍👍

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