Prayers To Edùmárè

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Prayers To Edùmárè

Our cares have we cast on you
Lord of the deities
Sovereign owner of the heavens and beyond.
The one, who with Şokotì álágbędę òrùn
Made us from dust.

Save us
From the evil that thrives by day
Cloaked in the façade of human flesh
Roaming the cities and harvesting
the soul of those who take no heed
to the hooting of the owl of omens.

Òbá okè
Let us who are pencils in your hands
Not be broken and crushed by evil claws
Let us not become yesterday’s news
The Collateral damage of evil’s triumph.

Òbá oluwá
Your eyes see into the heart of men
Save us from the snares of sons of Lucifer
Seduction of the daughters of Hades
The sharp beaks of Men-Hawks
The thieving talons of hungry eagles
And the deadly fangs of deceptive wolves in sheep clothings.

Edumáre we beseech thee
Heed our pleas today.


Femi Gabriels Written by:

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