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 Oh that look, look so intense that it stimulates all the nerve endings in your body and sends heat waves down your spine. It heats up your blood that your brain can barely gain control, well not while you are still staring at those lips, parted just wide enough to give your thought a direction…imagine how it would react to yours looking soft, perfectly pouted , covered in a shade of pink and leading your eyes to that perfectly carved jaw , oh imagine how that long, slender fold of skin carrying these beautifully ordered features would feel under the warmth of your palm, imagine how it would react to your touch and gentle stroke.

           Trying to gain control you let your eyes wander away from that smooth skin that forms the neck but nothing can save you from that perfectly rounded mass of fat, carefully set and staring confidently and daringly at you, you could almost hear it challenge you to prove how worthy you are of its attention. It sends ripples down your spine, you could almost feel its warmth on your skin, its confidence tells you it would react perfectly to each touch that you can’t help but imagine the satisfaction that would come from using its ego to satisfy your every need for it.

Hips, perfectly set and swaying from side to side with each unconscious yet calculated stride. Each steps brings every curve on her body to light, you notice every detail with every cell in you responding in its own way. Your nerves, hair and every receptor in your body focused on this sway, taking in every feature and captured by the rhythm that each sway gives to the carefully structured but soft feature lying just behind, oh what satisfaction you would derive from tracing those pouted lips down to those soft daring feature and all the way down, stroking and caressing every feature that has awoken every part of you.

Looking lustfully, you became lost, lost you missed out something in her eyes. All you see is her feature but all she sees is control, she’s in control of every part of you with just the sway of her hips, perfect pout and perfectly set boobs, she’s got you. You missed the mischief in her eyes and the satisfaction she gets from it, She is the seductress.

You call her the seductress but what you don’t know is that every female has this “seductress” in her but for some it is just beneath those layers. These many layers makes her a woman, never think she is incapable of showing off the parts you don’t see. To the men who categorise, you call some naive, plain and unattractive  and the  others alluring, foxy and enticing. You forget that there is more to each of these  women and all that matters is their intention. Yes a woman can be anything; she can be unattractive today and foxy when she wants to be, it may take a little  push but never underestimate or push one with a pure intention  to explore a side that was purposefully tucked in as all that matters  is the intention  behind her action.


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  1. rickwows
    November 12, 2016

    Nice…so true

  2. November 12, 2016

    Wonderful piece Carys.
    I could relate with every word.
    Good Job!

  3. Jon
    November 12, 2016

    Seductive piece. Women have always had the control tho most of them are not aware.

  4. Darlington
    November 12, 2016

    I love this particular one.
    You know, you were exact at each particular description.
    Lovely indeed

  5. tony
    November 12, 2016

    Nice one…. not your typical kinda, but you still killed it… awesome!!!

  6. mharcy
    November 12, 2016

    The descriptions were on point…..maybe most women know they have the control but they just do not want to be in control.

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