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Head over clouds
A simple life is a good life… so they say.

Our lives are complicated enough; the digital world consumes us to feel eternally busy, perpetually loud. Constant pressures from unwanted sources, conflicting guidance, drain us to the point that we withdraw and obstruct our minds. We are all, however bound by the most influential motivator in our life; happiness. And it is this common search for happiness that we can momentarily fulfil, bit by bit, through appreciation of our environment.


Lately in this inextinguishable pursuit, I have found myself walking in the spooky cool hours of the morning, when not even the early bird is out getting the worm. And then one morning, like any other, it hit me. Not the answer to my questions, but some hairy, black thing that had conveniently decided to park itself and its web above the footpath! Arggh… Anyhoo, after this confrontation, the epiphany finally landed, and the wise voice said, “you need more sleep, get out of the cold” and, in a more profound tone, “everything we ultimately do or aspire to is underpinned by the belief that our success in this particular action/goal, will make us happy.” That is we spend every waking minute reaching for this concept of fulfilment that lies in the success of our actions. And it is that thought that drove me to take the floor today, to tell you the pursuit of happiness exclusively is something beautiful that should be treasured. It is during that journey, that we can have the opportunity to momentarily divert our mind and treat our eyes to what the world has to offer.

Travelling to some of the most poverty stricken, remote places in mushin Lagos state, adequately fuelled my mind with the conundrum of how these humble living, frugal people can be so content in their position in the world. The only conclusion I could conjure is that they get great pleasure and fulfilment from the most simple, apparently trivial things. Their isolation from technology and superfluous material, allows them to just sit and talk at the marketplace all day, knowing full well that no money will be made, yet nevertheless rejoicing in the company of friends and nature. Obviously no virtual impediments hinder their sight of what is important and wonderful to these people. It’s a restriction we all sometimes suffer here, but their outlook on life is something we can embrace.


My opinion, which is merely an adaptation of the “simple life” quotation, is that it takes a conscious appreciation of nature’s display; the omnipresent details that are so commonplace that they are sadly ignored, that is the key to finding your little piece of joy in each day. It can be too easy to be dragged down by the routine of our life and minor heartaches, as we are constantly drilled to concentrate, concentrate, work, work and work. The escape route I believe varies for everyone.

I thus implore you to take this whimsical advice and TURN DOWN TO TURN UP as the famous Pepsi beverage drink would put it and then admire the vibrant flower next to your face, or the snail your about to step on, or even the foreboding rain that could paint the next memorising rainbow to lighten the sky, and your soul. The silver lining is always there, I assure you, and if you look for it, as the enigmatic Chet Baker did, you will find it.


I believe therefore, if you live with your head in the clouds every now and then,
it helps keep your feet on the ground.
And for that reason,
we should look up from our notepads
every now and give our environment
the round of applause it deserves.

Open your eyes and see you need not live simply;
just simply live.


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  1. racheltobe
    January 23, 2017


  2. Love
    January 23, 2017

    One word…AWESOME

  3. mikael
    January 23, 2017

    Epic words….👍

  4. ngozi cynthia
    January 24, 2017

    Beautiful piece.

  5. January 24, 2017

    I lovey lovey this piece…great write this is just how To make a good literature

  6. Godson
    January 24, 2017

    nice one dear

  7. Engineer christophe A
    January 24, 2017

    encore my friend , truly you have struck a cord, and i feel will all have to chew on this knowing that money doesnt get you happiness either does poverty , happiness is to take live as simple as it is ..appreciating what truly matter .. like family and friendship

  8. Rappy
    January 24, 2017

    babe…this is a wow

  9. Diamond Jennifer
    January 25, 2017

    Awesome Piece.

  10. VicOkoh
    January 26, 2017

    This is wonderful ! A lovely piece.

    January 29, 2017

    Good words put together

  12. Freda
    January 31, 2017

    Nice one… I love

  13. Maris
    May 12, 2017

    Brilliantly said

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