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Baby na… What happened?” Bo asked, turning off the television, as Amina walked into the house sobbing.

“What did your dad say?” He asked, then “Please say he gave his blessings” he added, even though he sensed otherwise.

Unable to hold back her tears, she hastened into his embrace and let it all out. He knew, then, her father did not permit them. Her eyes were swole and red – almost as though her tears would be replaced by blood. Amina was a cry baby, without doubt, but never had he seen her cry this much. The warm tears, as they touched his shoulder, were as needles that pricked his heart. He felt his eyes go heavy with gathering tears but, he had to be her shoulder now.


“Baby na,  it’s okay. Stop crying.” … “We’ll talk to him together, tonight.” He said as he lifted her, gently, up into the room.
“Bo Bo, let’s leave” She suggested, beneath her breath, crying even more.
“What?” He returned, as though he heard wrong. He had thought of it too.
“Let’s leave. Let’s go get married and live in France.” She said. This time clearer and afirmative.
“We cannot do that, love. We need your parents blessing.” Low and unconvincingly, he replied.
“But mama supports us. We have her blessing.” Like a light bulb, her eyes lit up in an instant. “Since mama blessed us already, we could get married and live happily together, with our lovely kids.”… “who needs dad’s blessings anyways?” She started in a usual feat of fantasy. “Bo… let’s leave and never return” she said, this time sitting up, smiling and touching his rock hard chest. She was serious. He knew.
“No baby. We can’t” … “Dad may go to the police and things may get out of hand. That’s not something we want. Is it?”
She wiggled her legs and shook her head in protest as he let those words out.
“Rest your baby. I’ll make a hot plate. You eat and we go see dad later. Kin ji?” He said and placed a light kiss on her forehead.
“Insha allah, he will bless us.”


O. O. Nathan Written by:


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    January 30, 2017


  2. January 30, 2017

    Nice story Nathan… I want more too🙋

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    January 31, 2017

    I like I like, more more please

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