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Good evening, sir.” Bo greeted as alhaji walked into the room. His huge towering figure injected a healthy dose of fear in Bo, even though he himself was a handful.
“Yes, my boy, how are you?” His deep coarse voice returned.
With a scarcely noticeable stutter, “I am fine, sir”, he said.
“Mama Ibrahim, ya ba shi ruwan sha?” He inquired, then, “he is still a guest fa.” … ” Amina, go get some water for him” he ordered, in a surprisingly smooth and low tone. Amina was his diamond – he always treated her with so much care.
“So, Bo, I hear you want to marry my daughter.” He said, as sooon as Amina left the living room.
“Yes sir. I very much want to marry Amina.” He replied, stolidly.
Though, he didn’t show it, a wave of happy pride ran through his entire system. Each time he mentioned her name, he felt accomplished, as thought it was his life’s mission to be with her. Truly, though, he knew she was his Jewel.

BO bo” Amina, gleefully said, as she walked into the hotel room. Her cheeks unable to hide its inner glow. She dropped the shopping bag she held, sat lightly on his lap, wrapped an arm about his neck and place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “I love you, Bo.” She whispered in his ear and ran her index finger lightly on his chest. He looked at her, puzzled but, needing. Never had they gone beyond a kiss and light smooches, in the 4 years they had known eachother. Was tonight the night? He wondered. Not for long though.
“Tonight’s the night, Bo.” She whispered, “Tonight we’ll step into paradise.” She added then, planted a deep stern kiss on his lips.
He pondered on he words, but didn’t reach a conclusion as her hands on his penis jerked all sense out of his head. He let all thought slide away as he was drawn into he kiss, first lightly then with a burst of passion. He lips, small and smooth, tasted like a mix of pineapple and fine red orange juice such that he was stuck on them. HIs tongue, like a coy serpent in a frenzied situation, slid between her lips and engaged hers in a dance – one to the left and the other to the right.
His hands, on impulse, slid up to the base of her breats, cupping them from atop her shirt. She let out low encouraging moans as he caressed them.
“Take me, take all of me.” She whispered as his hands moved.
SWPPP… in an instant he spun, placing her, back-spread on the bed.

“Urgghhh” he let out heavily as he came.

 Between muscular contractions and a mix of their wetness, he managed to crack a smile at her and she him. He bent, kissed her forehead and uttered, “I love you.” And collapsed beside her, making sure to pull her into his hands.

“A drink to us?” She half asked, half suggested, as she got up and got the wine out from the bag, poured it out and they half merried till they both fell, haphazardly, back into the bed.
“Tonight, we go to paradise” she let out, in a whisper, as she recalled the words of the poison seller.
“Mix two tablespoons of the powder in a little water, and inject it through the cork, for maximum potency” he had said.




O. O. Nathan Written by:


  1. olorunfemii
    February 6, 2017

    I so wasn’t expecting that 😕
    Nice Btw😁😁😍

  2. racheltobe
    February 6, 2017

    Oh no!
    Nicely done

  3. February 6, 2017

    😱😱 murderer!! 🔊… Nice story, perfect ending though i didn’t want it to end😥

  4. February 7, 2017

    Seems to me like the lover boy got more than he bargained for. He obviously didn’t expect his forever love to poison him. Probably thought she meant “togther in paradise” as a the just the intimacy they shared, not the words of a suicidal girlfriend. Anyways he should have known something was off when she offered herself to him suddenly after four years of abstinence. The very thing he had wanted for so long served up on a suspicious looking platter of desire. My final submission is that he was just another victim of the god who struck down a man when life was at its sweetest (homage to Achebe).

    • February 7, 2017

      LOL… a darker interpretation but goes as well.

  5. ricky
    February 11, 2017

    My exclamation at the end “oh!!! What the fuck?!”…..nice one tho,unexpected.

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