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How did it come to this?

Jasmine stayed up all night thinking about the events of the previous day. A day she never imagined would come this soon. She never thought for a second that she would be separated from him. What have I done to deserve this? She mulled. Her world fell over as she heard that last sentence. How can this be? She injected, soberly.

“Hey” she remembered him say on the day they met. Standing beside her, radiant and well groomed, like a wall of neatly pruned flowers. His eyes held an unexplainable liveliness, possibly, ignited by the broad smile he wore. “My name is Jacob.” He said , smoothly and slowly, as though to intentionally show off the richness of his voice. So soft and spongy, she had a hard trouble placing it between sponge cakes and perforated sugar coated jellies. She knew, at that moment, that he was her yang; the yes to her no; the rain the seeds of her love had long awaited; without inscriptions to explain, she knew.

“Hello. I am Jasmine” she held, then with a rubbery pink blush, “you can call me Jas. Well, it’s what my friends call me… family… friends… you know, family and friends.” There, something in his eyes changed. She felt a redness about it. Perhaps, the warmth it expressed had heated her well enough to notice. In those gold brown eyes, she beheld a cool fire. She saw a sigh in them, as his smile grew broader – revealing an untempered beauty in his oval face.

Sob after sob, she let a heavy stream of tears out of her eyes, as though they held the pain she wished to expel. Her heart was weighty and numb. The only thing she could feel was the bleed within; the hot spiky fluid charring her delicate heart. Oh, why me? She thought.

Even more, were the tears, as she recalled that day; the very first day. The words, “how about we grab some snacks at Tucker’s.” So gentle, were his words. “I’d love that” she replied, before recognising he was offering. He had swept her off her feet without an effort. How she hated her heart, then, for selling her out quickly. Up until now, it caused her no pain. Up until now she was told that the shank that held her kernels had been broken away. He had taken a trip to the dark hall.
Her Jake was dead.


O. O. Nathan Written by:

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