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It was a cold morning and the atmosphere was tense, Ifeoma perched helplessly on the edge of her iron bed like a beautiful dying vulture, she is waiting for her soft wrist to surrender those thread-like veins, she is pale and famished, her slender bony shoulders made her appear creepy and irritating. She had been starving for three days now – no food, no water.


This is the third time she had picked up the sharp razor blade inside the opened Bible this morning, she had been reading the Books of Lamentation for hours now with tears and an unending runny nose.

“I fall in-love so hastily like a pampered child, betrayed, am now waving bitter farewells to thousand malicious lovers that wished me dead already”, those where Ifeoma’s wailing verses jotted proficiently on a dirty note lying beside the Black King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Ifeoma had already lost the war before the battle started, she had resolved weakly that she will bleed herself to death if her heart is broke, beautiful Ifeoma, no adult briefed her that that’s not how we humans operates, those stacks of OYIBO kissing movies had destroyed her. Ifeoma forgot her origin, her roots.


“Did I miss the seminar on Love? But that shameless nincompoop swore he love me to the moon and back”, she kept on repeating over and over again like a monotonous song from a poorly funded radio station about to lose their firm.

For two weeks now Ifeoma had been idle, she had quitted her lucrative job to mourn herself, the wicked Serpent grabbed the opportunity and has been playing countless ludo game with her mind, Ifeoma was cooperating with that mischievous fellow, careless thoughts and ideas – the good, the bad and the ugly had been creeping into her unguarded brain like an evil monitoring lizard patrolling on a dusty wall.


Ifeoma heard footsteps outside her room, her stray mind was directed back home, immediately she clenched her left wrist so tight, those innocent veins sprang up like powerful rubber pipes, Ifeoma giggled insanely, she has being obsessed with those veins for some days now………..[Continues Next week]

By Ubiomo Ogheneroh C.


onyebuchionwueme Written by:


  1. February 23, 2017

    to express your own emotions … is thoughtful prose… speaking from your own voice…. is a unique experience of soul searching.. often it is beautiful be read over and over.. +Carys

  2. February 25, 2017

    Well well… Ifeoma… I’m thinking she wouldn’t do it tho.

  3. onyeenyay
    March 4, 2017

    Ifeoma might not be strong, so I’m guessing she needs someone to find her shortly after she cuts herself so she doesn’t die…Ifeoma might be bipolar lol

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