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Continued from Last week….

Music blared from the speakers and the walls sang along. He never enjoyed these things but he threw them anyway. The bimbo beside him was giggling at something only she knew about. He couldn’t help but smile back; he had to be nice if she was going to give up the ‘cookie’. She was leaning in real close now, pretty girl with nice pouty lips. Shame she was such an airhead; she thought every Asian was Chinese and junkie was a person who ate too much junk food. She had nice tits though, that’s all that mattered to him. 

“Wanna go see the rest of the house?” he half shouted in her ear. 

“Yeah! Sure thing” she said with a knowing gleam in her eyes.

 She knew in her heart all she was good for, which saved him the stress of talking too much. He tried to remember her name; Candy? Cyndi? Didn’t matter as he led her up the stairs, holding his liquor in one hand. He blocked out memories of Annie as they walked up the stairs, those thoughts would only ruin a night in his already ruined life. He looked at Candy skipping like a little girl at the mall and smiled to himself. She was easy as pie.

Thanks to the powers above for the invention of condoms.

Opening the door he led her into the vast master bedroom. It was grand, fit for a king. The bed was flanked by four bedposts on the four corners of the bed; it was dimly lit and the curtains were drawn. The room was clutter free, an irony considering the mess his heart was.

A shy chuckle tugged him back to reality. Candy bit her lower lip and wiggled her waist in a way that could make a man lose all sanity. He pulled her to his firm body and kissed her lips. She moaned and wiggled out of his grasp, chuckling again she pushed him to fall on the bed. She jumped in after him and straddled him. She took off her dress and his gut was right, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She reached for his belt buckle but not faster than he could grab his protection. He sheathed his sword as she straddled him again, riding him to the climax. When he came, that silly chuckle was the last sound he heard before he slipped out of consciousness.


The alarm startled her out of bed. It screamed like her stepmother whenever she was breathing, because as long as she was breathing, she was mad at something. She was starting to get used to jumping out of bed. Why wouldn’t she? She lived next door to the devil himself. She couldn’t get any sleep last night amidst the loud and startling noises coming from Jacob’s house.

Sarah flung her legs over to the side of her bed and slipped her feet into her comfy bedroom slippers. Her head felt like an anvil and the only thing that was being hammered was her brain- so it felt. Groaning she joined her index and middle fingers joined together and used them to massage her temples. She didn’t need to check the time to know it was 6am; time for her morning run. She trudged into her bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face. It was enough to cut whatever ties she had with sleep land.  Slipping out of her nightgown she changed into her running gear, grabbed her iPod and left her house, not forgetting to lock the door behind her. It as a safe neighborhood but considering the party Jacob had last night, it was a necessary precaution.

She strode once round the block before she broke into a run. The air whooshed past her face and the blood in her veins pumped a little faster. Her heartbeat raced and the rush was all she needed to kick-start her day. By the time she finished her run, the sun was already out and glowing, like a girl in love. She squinted at it and gave her most nasty glare.

Yes, I’m single, so what? Mind your business
She rolled her eyes as she approached Jacob’s house. She needed a word with him. His entire yard was a mess. Apparently the house was not big enough, the party had to spill into the yard; this explained the horrible noise last night. Fortunately for him, he could afford a cleaning service. Wading through obstacles of bottles and plastic cups, she finally reached the front door. She reached for the doorbell. She went pale as the door flung open….

to be Continued next week friday😉





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  1. Anthonia Onwueme
    October 16, 2017

    Very interesting piece.

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