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NEIGHBORS Continued from last week….

Please beat my dear heart, I need you.

Colour quickly returned to Lara’s face, so much colour that she was red from embarrassment. Thank God she just came from a run. Her heart had never raced this fast before and she wasn’t even the half naked one with the prostitute on his arm.

We need to have a heart to heart, Mr. Heart.

“Good morning” she finally managed to speak.

“Good morning neighbour, how may I help you?” Jacob said, giving a sexy version of the Cheshire cat grin.

Plastering a disgusted look on her face, she looked around his yard again and then fixed her eyes on him, at the same time avoiding eye contact with him.

“Looks like you might need the help more than I would” she gesticulated with her left hand, showing him the mess his guests made.

“What can I say, at least some of us can afford help” he shrugged, a smug look on his face.

“Very soon you won’t be able to if you continue this way” she said already losing her temper.

“Uhh, Jason. I’d like to leave now” the bimbo finally spoke, reminding them of her presence and thus saved the day.

“Okay sweetheart let me call you a cab” Jacob said, glaring at Lara as he spoke.

“No thank you, I can manage fine. Call me” she said as she kissed his cheeks and headed out into the streets to hail a cab.

Lara could swear she heard her mutter weirdo under her breath, but she wasn’t worried because she already knew that. Now she was gone she could give him a piece of her mind.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that she just called you Jason” she couldn’t help but blurt out.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but names were exchanged in a moment of heated passion” he would die before he would admit he was with a dumb girl.

“Hmmph, hope it wasn’t too hot for you to dress for the occasion? She looks like she’s been around the block and still has a party to attend down the block” she gave herself a mental high-five, satisfied at her quick comebacks.

You go girl. You’re on fire!

“Whatever. I’m sure you didn’t come here to talk about how I indulge myself. What is it this time?” he sounded impatient.

“I came to beg you, one last time, keep it down. It is hard to sleep with all the noise. Next time I’ll be calling the cops” she warned.

“Someone is super upset about something this morning. When was the last time you had a drink?” he taunted.

“I don’t need a drink to sleep at night, I need peace and quiet. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” one more second with this guy and she would lose her mind.

“Your life is already quiet enough, isn’t that enough peace for you?” the scorn in his tone could be felt from miles away.

“Do not even dare bring my life into this! You know you’re starting to get on my nerves with your recklessness. If you’re so miserable why don’t you just go get help? Stop trying to infect everyone with your misery. You think you are fooling anybody? All I feel for you is pity really” she was fuming now.

“You would know. You live in a glass house too; you shouldn’t be throwing stones lady” he replied coolly.

She closed her eyes, silently soliciting for help from whatever forces were out there.

Don’t go down this road again Lara.

Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes.

“I don’t know what I expected from you. But it definitely wasn’t much farther from this. Have a wonderful day Jacob. Good luck cleaning up the mess that is your life” she turned around and walked out of his compound, fighting the urge to stomp out of there.

“You too Lara, you too” he called out after her and slammed the door……. Story continues next week Saturday 😉






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    that’s how i have to wait another week… is it fair😩😩

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