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Continued from last week….

The phone was ringing when she entered her house. She gladly dashed for it; it was a welcome escape from the jumble of emotions she was feeling.

Without even glancing at the caller ID she answered the call; she would talk to anyone right now, even if hell called.

“Hello Lara” her father’s ever-taunting voice came alive from the other end.

Come on! I was kidding about the hell thing!

“Hi dad”, she rolled her eyes.

She loathed phone calls from home, but she received them often, more often than she liked. Her father had a way of making her feel worthless, like she had achieved nothing in her years; which wasn’t so far from the truth. It seemed like the right thing to do when she dropped out of medical school to chase her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and things were going really well until they weren’t . Now she worked for, Isabelle, the biggest fashion house in the city.

“How are you?”

“I’m fine daddy. How are you?”

“Not too shabby for an old man”

“Good to know”

One second, two seconds, three—

“So… How’s work?”

“Well, it’s been great” she knew he couldn’t resist it.

“Still working for that famous fashion lady?”


“Still not saving lives?”

“Daddy” she didn’t need his wisecracks today, at least not this moment.

“Okay okay. Hope you have a date for the wedding?”

Oh my god! I totally forgot. This is turning out to be the worst morning of my entire life. Okay maybe not, but it’s up there with the others.

“Actually, I do” she lied.

“Wow. You have a date?” the disbelief in his voice was clear.

“Don’t sound so surprised. I’m not that bad”

“Yeah, sure”

She could hear him mutter something under his breath but she couldn’t care less. It was bad enough that her little sister was getting married. How was she going to get a date in two weeks? Things were so crazy at work she totally forgot.

“Okay dad I have to go now, but I’ll call you”

“Of course you will” his tone was sardonic.

“Goodbye daddy”

She hung up and wished she could go back to when she had not dropped out of school, when her father stilled cared. Sighing, she strode into the kitchen to make herself some coffee. As she scooped some dry coffee into the filter she realized that the only man in her life, besides the postman and the garbage man, was Jacob.

If she was being truthful, he was a very good looking guy. Hazel eyes and brown hair, body built like a god, he wasn’t her only choice but he was her best choice. Also, he made her feel some type of way and there was undoubtedly some unexplored sexual tension between them.

Sexual tension, who am I kidding? In a room alone together and we might end up trying to kill each other.

She would ask him, swallow her pride. It was just one date, one day, one wedding. Worst case scenario, he would turn her down with a healthy outburst of disdainful words. Still, both outcomes would be better than going to that wedding without a date.

She looked at her phone; it was 9:32am. Grabbing her favourite mug and she poured some coffee in it and started making her breakfast, which consisted of two eggs and three bread slices. After a quick breakfast she went on to take a quick shower and let her hair air dry. Putting on faded jeans and a tank top, she braced herself for the confrontation and saying a quick prayer, she headed out to his house for the second time that morning.

Continues Next week…


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