Neighbors V

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Continues from last week

Jacob stood up from the couch where he plopped down a minute ago; his living room a mess and he as mad as a hatter from his just concluded altercation with Lara. She knew just how to start a storm; the feisty little elf.

Yet he couldn’t deny that she was an elf with a quite a body on her; voluptuous ass and perky breasts, oh and blue eyes the colour of the ocean, that any man would happily drown in.

Any man, except me.

Somehow, he couldn’t get his mind off her lips, the way she bit them when she was thoughtful or mad. He especially liked it when she licked them; they always looked edible whenever she applied moisture to them.

Okay, maybe I am attracted to her a little bit, but I’m a whore so it shouldn’t count.


He shook the thoughts of Lara off his head and headed upstairs to his bathroom perform his daily grooming rituals, which consisted to brushing his teeth, taking a long warm bath and shaving his beard; not necessarily in that order.

Thirty minutes later, he felt refreshed and ready to save the world-a cup of coffee to kick-start his system would be wonderful though-he donned his favourite sweats and an old t-shirt and went downstairs.

The eyesore that greeted him almost made him regret his party the night before. But it was nothing when compared to the feeling of being alone. After his unpleasant encounter with death, he needed something to fill the space she left behind.

Adorning his living room was an array-some might say disarray-of beer cans, bottles and paper cups.
He sighed as he strolled into his kitchen and set some coffee to brew. Taking a garbage bag from one of the cabinets he trod into his living space and set about clearing the mess, no use waiting until the cleaning service decided to show up.

He busied himself with cleaning the room until someone rapped on his door and he dropped the trash bag, and went to see who it was.

He opened the door.

Great! Just who I needed to see.

She wasn’t expected the sight that greeted her, in fact, it was exactly the opposite of what she needed. He looked so gorgeous when he wasn’t looking like a truck had run over him. He smelled even better; like old spice and just a tinge of his aftershave. His hair was damp and ruffled; and hazel eyes, beckoned.

“Hi” she remembered to speak.

“Hello” this wasn’t awkward at all.

“Can I come in?”

“I don’t know. Can you?”

Remember, you need a favour, she reminded herself.

“I can. Thank you” brushing past him and getting another whiff of his scent, she entered his house.

He closed the door behind him and walked back to the spot he left the trash bag and continued from where he left off.

Lara just watched intently, as if picking up garbage was a new discovery by scientists and the technique would someday save the world.


“I’m pretty sure you did not come all the way to observe my cleaning habits” Jacob spoke without looking away from his chores.

His voice seduced her back to reality.

“Of course I didn’t. I came to talk to you, or more precisely, ask a favour”

“A favour? From plain ol’ me? However may I help you miss?” he dropped the last visible beer can into the bag and tied the bag at the mouth.

“I’m serious Jacob”.

“Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be? Kitchen please” he sauntered into the kitchen and she followed in his tracks.

Gesticulating to one of the high chairs surrounding the cluttered oak dining table, he dropped the trash beside the bin and went ahead to pour himself a cup of coffee.

“Coffee?” he asked her.

“No, thanks”

“Okay, so…?”

“So, ummm…I need your help”

“Why do I have this feeling that you already said that?”

“Okay, okay. I’ll just go straight to the point. I need you to be my boyfriend” she blurted.

Waves of shock registered all over Jacob’s face as he choked on his coffee……

Continues next week






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