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A writer’s plight, so hard to all,

His twisted mind where plots fall,

With his will he commands the ink,

To bring forth stories,

Where fairytale exists,

And dragons rule.


He captures the plight of the modern world,

With the sway of his hand,

He proffers solutions,

And exposes the proud.


The pen is mightier than the sword,

One can say,

With the blink of an eye,

The president dies,

And a new monarch is crowned,

Aliens invade earth,

And the world is divided into groups,

Based on their personality.


He explores emotions,

The power of love he disambiguates,

He tames love’s dark side,

And turns hate into a good thing.

The writer is sovereign,

He rules over all,

With the power of the pen,

 He dictates what lives and what dies,


The writer’s gift is double edged,

I must be quick to add,

The pen is both a blessing and a curse,

The most gifted are the most cursed.

Thoughtendom; the young writer’s community


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