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It’s funny how people think
They don’t even let you blink
One moment you’re living
The next  you’re just surviving
I’m sorry to say
But people just get in the way
Just because you’re burning bright
They try hard to dim your light
But today I beat my chest
And tell the world I’m gonna be my best


This is life
There’s ups there’s downs
But through the strife
We earn our crowns
No matter what
We’re never lost
We just have to find our way
Work hard and pray
Like a diamond in the rough
And like gold in the furnace
But at last we’ll surface


So here’s to life
To struggles and chills
Cheers to life
To laughter and thrills
Let’s toast to happiness
To the occasional loneliness
Lads and lasses
Raise your glasses
To life…

Compiled by Okoh Tobechukwu



  1. papanda preye
    November 15, 2016

    Lovely Charis and cheers to Raych okoh the silent poet

  2. jenny
    January 26, 2017

    Wawuu. This is firery if there’s a word like dat. Great poem.

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