Love a demon

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His gaze on hers left her breathtaking,

He was so strong and beautiful, he was amazing.

SONG OF PAINShe didn’t want the moment to end,

For she forgot what she was sent.

Her heart beat stopped at the thought of Gehenna

She has to take him back to the darkness arena.

A soul she has to bring again,

For with her sweet kisses followed unbearable pain.

Men were amazed by her warmth,

for her heart was cold, and my lips deceiveth,

They never cared,  until it was their heads she held up,

They made love to the demon whose

Beauty no one topped.

But she fell in love with a victim,

And her body moved to his rhythm,

His words and his touch,

She never felt a likeness that much.

He was just as dark as she,

And on each others darkness they both fed,

They had emptiness, they needed each other to fill,

So they ran away, from hell, they fled.

Every night, they kissed under the dark blue skies,

Letting the stars see them naked, and the world watch them swive.

But she ran from her master, and the devil never forgets,

He slew them, but they had no regrets.



Dora Otabor Written by:


  1. September 26, 2017

    Wow!! I love it I love it!! Beautiful scripting, welldone

  2. mharcy
    September 27, 2017


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