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     I know you love them, you want them and then you give it all you got. You give them yourself and everything precious to you and expect it to be returned. You expect them to love you just as much as you love them and give them, but darling it ain’t always that easy and you can’t hate them for not feeling the same way.

         Just like you they seek love and like you they want it from a particular person, they may be willing to give more than you give them to be with who they want. We hurt people by not returning the love and affection that they show us. Just like you they want him/her badly, someone is that desperate to have you too, do you think you should be hated for not wanting them back?

             We seek different things in people and most times we don’t know why we want them be we go ahead and try anyway. Loving them is our decision, wanting them is our choice and we choose to show it and give them everything precious to us but we can’t force them to accept it. Just like you have made your decision “our choices” have their own decision to make and an equal chance to choose who they want. Your love may be the best but it doesn’t make it the right one for them. I know, you could have given them heaven on earth but what if that is not the heaven they seek?

              They don’t call or return a text, I’ve been there so I know darling, it hurts, but remember they didn’t ask for the text or the call, you made the choice because you want them but what if they don’t feel the same way? Surely you do not want the love to be returned out of pity or goodwill. We all want to be happy, to give the ones we love the same feeling that they give us. Nobody wants to spend their entire life trying so hard to please another person but that is what you get when they love you out of pity. 

         We all deserve happiness and true love and we deserve to receive it just as much as people who give it to us deserve to get it. So give love, teach your heart not to hate when it is not returned. Give them a fair chance to choose their happiness. Your love is good, theirs is good too but it may not be what they desire, it may not be their joy…it is the sad truth, it is life but in the end we’d find that one that would desire our love above all and would understand why our love wasn’t accepted in the past. 

Teach your heart to look past the hurt, you might have been saved from future misery.


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    April 2, 2017


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