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Today the table turned,
The entertained became the entertainer.
No flesh for days,
Our gargoyle fangs craved its feel.
Starved, bloodthirsty, nostalgic,
Bloodhounds we became.
A trail that led to the master’s haven.


Sharp long white teeth digging deep into flesh.
Blood spouting, satisfying our every craving.
He screamed, like we once did.
He begged, like we once did,
But we feasted on; one vessel after another,
like was once done to every one of us.


Nothing to hold us back;
Our supplier became the supply.
No soul, no brain, only cravings we knew,
Cravings which must be satisfied.
The longing for blood, the feel it gave;
Ecstasy! Pure bliss!
Today the master joins our fellowship.
Fellowship of the dead, undead.


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