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Hey amazing friends, as an optometrist in the making, i have come across a handful of people with visual impairment and dyslexia and i must say the neglection and tough “daily” experience some talk of is enough to literally make a heart bleed. I remember one who said she had to cry out to a neighbor saying “I can’t see but I breath the same way you do” so it is necessary for us through any means possible to create awareness and educate these individuals on how to properly care for one with a disability, encourage these individuals with disabilities to focus more on their strength, encourage those who already know their strengths and won’t let anything stop them and also create opportunities for them in any way we can in order to improve their quality of life. Dear friends, are you a poet? with or without a disability? Do your magic! because we care, because you are able and of course a disability never defines a person. #iamABLE #mydisabilitydoesn’tdefine me


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