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They find us yet in happy places,
they find us when we come as one.
The war they bring finds peace at peak;
they stoop so low as to pluck budding dreams.

Our defenceless innocence,
strengthens the cowardice below their skins.
Their wish is to find a backdoor for their might,
but all they find are jolly gates left ajar.

Today, our tears find strength as a flowing river;
our shrilling cries are stern, yet solemn tunes of love.
The door by which they prey our frailty,
is the path through which our oneness runs.

Our victory is in the truth that this path remains:
unbroken, unsoiled.
As our peace finds strength
and our love grows shield.

#PrayForManchester #PrayForTheWorld


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  1. Okoh Rachel Tobechukwu
    May 27, 2017


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