We’re all slaves

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History records stories 

I’m yet to prove, if it’s all true

That blacks, though rich in cowries

Gave all out to the white crew.

Unwilling, while their services too they gave.

Then I also read

Among all I heard

My continent, very wealthy in gold

Was too poor in everything sold.

We only fought hunger & braved.


Did I see black artifacts in London?

And ebony craft graze their museums

Did the west leave us in fake stardom

And our regime here, only assumes

We’ll return them if we slave?


We trade our brothers & family

In exchange for our resources

Nobody retold the story. Really?

Nor did anyone retell true sources

For which we all slaved.


The world thinks negros are slaves

The register calls, no blacks named

The masters gave their names

We laughed, they thought we felt ashamed

While truly they slaved.


Why look at me with pity

Like you see an image of slavery?

You stare like I’m so dirty

But you’re totally blind to my gallantry.

Least you know, we’re all slaves.

We’re slaves, white, black and coloured

We work, serve, teach, learn, cheat and kill.

With same experiences,  we’re empowered

In crime and greed we indulge and steal

We all end up as slaves.


Care for a sincere proof? who craves?

An honest white woman once said

‘Till all men are free, we’re all slaves’

That’s the truth she lived for and paid

Before she laid among the graves.

In exception of life and death

In all the truth history tells with lies

Man, in all his actions breath

When he’s all done,  he dies

Only few know they lived as slaves.



*Sokari Hellen Ariniatorudikieke*


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  1. September 28, 2017

    We are all slaves, I am to my thought! Helen the ” ice-breaker” always restoring thoughts to default

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