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To the heartless you, who played Janus thinking she had me fooled

Just you wait, soon enough he’ll have you ruled.


Yes! Soon, you’ll be ruled by the one I’ll send to have you wooed

Your struggle to break free will amount to naught because he’d have you glued

Yes! He’ll have you glued

Day by day, for your lack of virtue, he’ll have you booed

Inviting others to partake of you

Down there, they’ll have you bulled


Yes! They’ll have you bulled,

and when you no longer clasp around their desires,

they’ll have you drowned


Yes! They’ll have you drowned, because of their delighted faces you had frowned

And when you finally croak, i won’t be saddened because you’d be another queen

who couldn’t wait to be crowned.

©Jason Hills.


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