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If I had a star,

I’d wish you back again.

But the sky is black tonight

There are no wishes left.

It’s probably a good thing too,

Because wishes don’t come true.

But if they did…

Here’s what I’d wish:


That the sun would shine and

You’d be mine and

I’d see you walking to my door.

My ice heart would melt away,

And all we’d get is rain,

And you’d just be there,

With me, right here…

That’s what I’d wish for;

You and Spring


If I could fly,

I’d fly to you,

If I could tie the moon

I’d bring it down to you,

Wonderful Life style, you and I.

But since that’s not an option,

I’ll have to tell you something

If I had one wish,

This is it:


You and me standing

Beneath that old tree

Where the birds always sing,

You’re wearing white

And the preacher says “Kiss the bride.”

And there’s no one there,

But those who really care.

That’s what I’d wish for;

You, me and Spring.



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  1. February 21, 2017

    My God! Never knew you were such a wonderful writer… Keep it up bro

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